The SitePod™

A SitePod?!

What is it?

A Sitepod™ is the first and only of its kind, a completely stand alone intruder / burglar detection alarm system which incorporates a GSM communicator. The Sitepod is designed to protect your property on a temporary or on going basis to maximise loss prevention.

Features of a SitePod

In 2012 after been asked for temporary site security on various occasions, James and Mick set out to create a completely portable and versatile site intruder alarm system designed specifically to create a temporary security solution. All existing methods of temporary site security were never quite as portable, secure and as easy to use as the customer and other tradesmen would have liked. With experiance in the security industry we merged proffessional security with modern GSM communications into a compact robust form. Thus the SitePod was born. SitePods mainly supply the sitepod to security companies, building companies and directly to the customer.

There are variants of the SitePod;

Below are the three variants of the SitePod that are used in the different industries.

Building SitePod

The building SitePod is generally used on building sites. They can be used on full renovations down to small extensions. Not only do they protect your building but the tools and equipment in there as well. They can be played in portacabins, site offices and site lock ups. Several Detection devices can be added to suite your environment and needs. Active invisible infra red beams can be added to your sitepod to allow for line beam protection. The SitePods GSM module will contact you either by voice or SMS message immediatly after the SitePod has been activated.

Vacant SitePod

The vacant sitepod is generally used in empty properties. Favoured by estate agants and letting agents to protect the properties between tennants. This sitepod can also be used by individuals that have bought a new property or aquired a property from a family member to protect the property while it is empty. This Sitepod is ideal for people who are going away on holiday for prolonged periods who don't want to have a perminant alarm system installed. If movement is detected inside the protected area the sitepod will contact you immediatly.

This sitepod can also be used as a temporary measure if you have been burgled until you get a perminent burglar alarm can be fitted.

Scaffolding SitePod

The scaffolding sitepod is designed for external use to protect your property while scaffolding is up. The sitepod can cover windows, the roof line and any areas with lead or valuable stonework you may want to protect while work is been carried out on your property. These use invisible active infra red line beams to protect the area. If one of the line beam is broken the sitepod will contact you using the mobile network.